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IT Technologies; Power Your Business Matters

IT Technologies can be complicated, knowing the difference between a gateway, AP, router, and other equipment. Getting the right service and speed from your ISP as not to user serve your needs and not to overpay. Setting up the internet for your business can be complicated. We can help simplify it with the right tools.

Secure Business Networking

Setting up a secure local area network for your business and a segregated guest network if desired. For data-critical businesses, Vontainment can help with affordable ransomware-proof backup systems. With today’s dependence on the internet, you need secure working IT Technologies.

According to a recent McAfee survey, 60% of all cybercrimes are directed at small businesses. The same survey showed huge gaps in cybersecurity for small businesses; finding that less than 50% of small businesses had an email or Internet security.

Investing in the right network security protects your business files, your customers’ financial information, and your business reputation. Installing and maintaining proper cybersecurity protects not only your company data but also your businesses’ good name and customer loyalty.

If you’ve ever accidentally deleted a file, experienced a power outage, had a server crash, or had any other “data disaster,” then you know how important having a reliable backup and disaster recovery plan can be (or would have been!) Having the right backup solution and disaster recovery procedures in place for when these events inevitably occur are critical to eliminating the downtime and expenses that accompany them.

Hackers are becoming more sophisticated and small businesses are being targeted now more than ever before. Think of all of your trade secrets, confidential communication, customer information, and HR records that are stored on your company’s computers. What would be the impact of this data fell into the wrong hands? There is a cost-effective suite of IT security procedures and solutions that are worth considering. These pay dividends in the long run – an incident isn’t worth the headache.

Systems need regular maintenance to ensure they run properly and securely. With the right IT processes, problems may be predicted, planned for, and resolved before they become urgent. As Benjamin Franklin said, “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.”

Isn’t it better to get in front of issues and resolve them before they turn into expensive and time-consuming emergencies?

Virtual Private Networking

VPNs work by creating an encrypted tunnel between your device and a secure server, then sending your traffic through it. Those encrypted tunnels come in all kinds of metaphorical shapes and sizes, though. The driving force creating each encrypted tunnel, which determines that tunnel’s shape and size, is called your protocol. WireGuard is just one of several different types of protocols used to create these tunnels. 

Choosing an encryption protocol is a lot like choosing what kind of transportation you’ll take on the road. Zipping around town in a Honda Civic isn’t going to offer you as much protection as traveling in a presidential motorcade, but the latter is going to turn your trip to the grocery store into a 12-hour event requiring top-level clearance. On the highway and in encryption protocols, there’s almost always a trade-off between speed and security. The trick is finding the option that suits the need. 

The New Generation of VPN Wiregard

WireGuard really stands out with its codebase, which is currently around 3,800 lines. This is in stark contrast to OpenVPN and OpenSSL, which combine about 600,000 lines. What is the benefit of a smaller codebase? It’s easier to test. OpenVPN will take a large team several days to test. One person can read the WireGuard codebase in a few hours. Easier to test = easier to find vulnerabilities, making WireGuard secure. The attack surface is much smaller than that of OpenVPN and IPSec. Better performance from the smaller codebase is indeed an advantage.

In our experience at Vontainment, using Wireguard does not significantly affect connection speed. Speed ​​can be a limiting factor with a VPN – for a variety of reasons. WireGuard is designed to provide significant improvements in the performance arena: the combination of ultrafast encryption primitives and the fact that WireGuard resides inside the Linux kernel means that secure networks can be very fast. It is suitable for both small embedded devices such as smartphones and fully loaded backbone routers.

We can easily set up and include wireguard in your businesses IT technologies roaster. Deploy your VPN in house or on the cloud with a easy to use web gui. Login and add or remove users and devices with ease.

Add wireguard to your IT technologies roster
Powerful IT Technologies
Easy Wireguard Deployment

Gateway Servers, Next-Generation Firewalls And Web Apps

We are skilled at setting up secure cloud infrastructure. Setting up secure web servers and cloud apps requires the same tools and skills as securing your local business network. You see the news about the multi-million dollar payouts by companies over ransomware but may think, “We are just a small Port Charlotte or Fort Myers business, they won’t target us.” The thing is most targets are due to convenience and not size or location. That is why you need strong and secure IT Technologies in your corner.

Hackers use wide nets to scan IP addresses. As there is a defined list of ip4 addresses hackers easily use automation to ping and scan as many IP addresses as they can looking for vulnerable systems. The best and easiest way to start securing your network is with a UTM known as a Unified Threat Management Device. These come in many forms but the most cost-effective for small businesses are gateway servers.

Power And Affordability

Gateway servers can be made from older workstations either on hand or bought for low cost online. With a few low-cost storage and ram upgrades, as well as an extra networking card; these workstations make great servers. If no suitable workstations on hand out team can easily help you find the right one for your needs online with an average cost of $120 to $200. The cost of ram upgrades averages $40, storage averages $50, and network cards $30. Making affordable hardware costs averaging $140 to $320. In comparison to UTM “appliances” (a combination of a Linux-based router and firewall built in a pretty and compact package) costing $500 and up.

UTM appliances slow and become obsolete and pose a security risk after just 2 years. Converted workstations have more powerful, modular, and upgradable components as well as vast flexibility in software functionality. These gateway servers can last 6 to 10 years, easily providing cost-effective security for all your IT Technologies.

Gateway servers can be set up with one of several open-source Linux OS distros specifically designed for the task and can be also run as a virtualized platform. Virtual platforms can allow the hardware to act like 2 or more unique servers allowing the gateway to provide other services to your business or replace other IT Technologies.

Gateway servers are placed between your internet connection and your business network. They can be used to provide your secure business network as well as provide a segregated guest network. Gateway servers also provide a safe way to allow remote access to resources in your network like:

  • Remote Desktops
  • Printers
  • Files
  • and any network attached devices

We set up gateway servers with advanced hardened firewalls, threat detection, intrusion prevention, antivirus, and other services to keep the doors shut to intruders. They can also be used for backing up all your networks computers to either a local or remote location. When set up correctly remote backups are a great way to keep your data safe in the event of a ransomware attack.

Backup Solutions And Quick Recovery

We can set up local and/or remote backup systems designed for fast recovery. Backup systems can backup files and directories or our preferred method; full image backups. Full image backups create a compressed backup of the hard drive state. In the event of data loss, these images can be mounted over the network for access to files or can return a system to the exact state it was in as of its creation.

This allows for both quick access to lost, corrupt, or deleted files or complete recovery after major issues. The recovery includes files, settings, and applications. Without having to reconfigure the devices you save on time and the cost of IT Technologies.

IT Technologies
pihole for faster internet and dns

Better Faster Internet

If your internet is slow or regularly loses connection it could mean your network infrastructure is not adequate. Did you know there are different types of Ethernet cords? They range from 1mbps to 1000gbps. Your network speed is limited to the slowest link between you and the router.

WiFi comes in several types, many speeds, and various ranges. Your hardware and distance to the router as well as objects can affect speed. WiFi also didn’t communicate in real-time. All connected devices take turns sending and receiving, one at a time. Some can communicate with 4 to 6 at a time but that requires all connected devices to be very new to support this. Wifi’s backward comparability is also an issue at times. A router is only as fast as the speed of the oldest WiFi standard. One WiFi G device will cause a new WiFi 6 device to drop its speed from 1000mbps to 54mbps.

We can investigate your IT Technologies to find slow points, weak spots, or outdated tech issues. Refreshing your network is easy. Most ISP’s supply you with a “gateway” this is a combo modem (internet source) router (a device used to allow all devices to talk and talk to the internet) as well as AP (wifi). These can be quickly set to bridge mode (aka just a modem with a router and WiFi disabled.) From there a mesh wifi router, a router with multiple APs as well as data-heavy devices hardwired can be used to optimize your network.

These options are cheap and affordable now. Network equipment costs have dropped drastically over the last decade.

Consulting For All Your Needs

We can help with any of your internet-connected device needs. From finding and deploying software to assisting in finding appropriate computers and other devices at the best price. We can help so your business didn’t overpay and/or purchase devices with sub-optimal performance for your needs. You are busy running a business and may not be knowledgeable about technology, terms like ram, rom, nic, i3, i7, Intel/AMD, GHz, and others may not mean much to you.

For us, we know them well. How you use your computers and what software you use affects what system specs affect performance most and what you may need for devices to function comfortably. If you think overpaying is bad, being stuck with devices that lag, freeze and take an extended time to perform routine tasks can be hair-pulling.