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Lean the process used for designing a website

The Web Design Process

  • Web Design
  • 5 min read

This article is to help explain the design process for a client looking to have a new website built. many don’t realize that the process is a joint effort between the business and designer. As a designer, my job is to bring your business to life on the web. The… 

PayPal Alternatives

PayPal Alternatives: Payment Processors You Should Consider In 2020

  • E Commerce
  • 5 min read

For some businesses, payment processors like PayPal are not delivering what they need from a payment processor. The payments app has large fees for chargebacks and doesn’t provide the level of seller protection many businesses are looking for, so we have looked at PayPal alternatives. Even worse, it doesn’t provide… 

Web Design server setup

5 Server Setups For Your Web Application

Introduction When deciding which server architecture to use for your website or cloud application, there are many factors to consider, such as performance, scalability, availability, reliability, cost, and ease of management. Here is a list of commonly used server setups, with a short description of each, including pros and cons.… 

Modern ecommerce design for your business

Modern Ecommerce Development

  • E Commerce
  • 5 min read

Avant Garde Aesthetics is a new modern eCommerce development by Vontainment. A powerful, automated, fast, SEO friendly, AI assisted eCommerce store. Created with a clean minimalist design, the site focuses on services and information. Allowing customers to purchase products online, book appointments and subscribe for memberships. The store automatically emails,… 

Fast and SEO first WordPress development

Why you should Consider a WordPress Developer for your business

  • Web Design
  • 5 min read

Vontainment works with many frameworks and platforms but WordPress is our favorite. We have become one of the top WordPress Developers in the area and wanted to share and help clarify and misinformation about WordPress. If you’re a business owner, chances are you’ve heard of other businesses and people using WordPress.… 

Progressive web apps for your Port Charlotte business

The power of AMP and PWA

The future of web development Be one of the first few in Charlotte County to upgrade your digital business to the 21st century. Bring the power of PWA and AMP to your website. What Is A Progressive Web App? Progressive web apps are websites that look and feel like an…