NethServer; Small & Medium Business Servers

small business servers

How To Power Up Your Business

Servers can function in specific tasks or general use. Many small to medium businesses here in South West Florida can benefit from SMB servers on-premise. Having an easy low-cost solution to enterprise technology is key to keeping cots low and profits high. One option We suggest is NethServer; an open source solution that is great for an intranet and on-premise hosting.

Secure your local internet, host your website, central file sharing, remote access, web applications and more. We think this is a great option for Port charlotte and surrounding area businesses. If you don’t want or need costly rack servers but want enterprise services. After the initial setup this option can be easily maintained by anyone with computer skills just slightly above average everyday usage.

Run web applications like Next Cloud, Open ERM, CRMs and more to provide low cost solutions.

With Great Features Such As

Web filter

Analyzes all web traffic and blocks selected websites via HTTP and even HTTPS using Squid proxy. Integrated with ClamAV antivirus and site blacklists.

Mail server

Based on Postfix (SMTP), Dovecot (IMAP/POP3) with antivirus/antispam filter (Rspamd). Multi-domain, quota support, queue management, smart host.

File server

Shared folders for Windows and Linux networks (Samba).
Support network recycle bin and folder auditing.

Web server

Multi-domain web server with ready LAMP stack.
Virtual hosting allows to host multiple domain names on a single server.


Modular UTM firewall based on Shorewall.
Support for advanced policies, multiple WAN and L7 application filter.


Host2Net and Net2Net VPNs based on OpenVPN and IPsec.
Compatible with Windows, Linux, Android and iOS.

Private Cloud

Based on NextCloud provides universal access to your files via the web, your computer or your mobile devices, wherever you are.


Based on Webtop, it offers shared calendars, address books and emails through Web browser, smartphone and tablet (Android/iOS)

Team Chat

Provide a private Slack-alternative servers with Mattermost. Open source messaging platform
that enables secure team collaboration

Active Directory

Support for different account providers like Local/Remote Active Directory Domain Controller or Local/Remote LDAP server.


Secure your network and services with IPS, threat shield, fail2ban and deep packet inspection.

Traffic shaping

Manage and monitor your bandwidth, apply priority rules on network traffic.

small business servers

Why NethServer?

NethServer is a great option for us to deploy an easy low cost servers that can act as a local intranet, appliance host, gateway, and remote work system. Deployable on a converted desktop computer, with under 40 dollars in ram upgrades it is affordable for most businesses.

It can host web application for your intranet and/or internet facing. It can host VMware VPS, Docker containers, and intrusion protection. It can sit between your businesses network and the internet to supply services to both sides of the connection and with intrusion protection help secure your network.

  • Extremely modular and feature-rich: Mail Server and Filter, Web Servers, Groupware, Firewall, Web Filter, IPS/IDS, VPN and more.
  • Powerful web interface that simplifies common administration tasks, very easy/fast installation and a lot of pre-configured modules installable with a “single click”
  • Based on CentOS/RHEL, a widespread and popular server distribution, trusted by routine security updates, and rock solid stability.
  • 100% OpenSource, powered by contributors and fueled by community. Transparent with open communication channels and well documented.

Cloud Powered Business

Collabora Online (CODE) integrated with Next Cloud creates your own secure Google Drive and Google Docs. Collaborate on documents from any web browser. Share files of any size with anyone. Keep your data local and safe.

Encrypt your company files, and delegate access by staff using group permissions. Allow staff to privately access paystubs, Was and other documents. Easy central schedule access that can be interested with caldav to sync with mobiles and computers. Central shared and private storage, announcements, company email and more in one place. As well as the options to log all access and edits. Easily provide customers with access to their data on a read-only or full access basis.

Host a full email or in-house email system. Central network file shares. Central system backups. As well as central remote access gateway. Many more possibilities to discover.

Contact us today to talk about your options.