Nextcloud; Your Data And Productivity Platform

“Share and collaborate on documents, send and receive email, manage your calendar and have video chats without data leaks

As fully on-premises solution, Nextcloud Hub provides the benefits of online collaboration without the compliance and security risks.

Nextcloud has become my go-to private cloud server. I sync data from various devices and use it as my personal Google Drive. I use it mostly for storage and backup. Plus I do use the built-in document editors on occasion. With this platform, I can do nearly anything I need, without having to rely on a third party to keep my data from prying eyes.

Nextcloud can be hosted on your favorite cloud service provider (such as AWS, Google Cloud, Rackspace, or Linode), or you can host it on your own server. Either way, you’ll find it ticks all the boxes for a private cloud solution.

At a time when more and more people and businesses are having to shift the way they work, the on-premises collaboration-friendly Nextcloud “cloud” storage service provides an easy to use, reliable, and extensible (with hundreds of available apps to install) option. Think of it as a Google Drive or Dropbox shared file drive on your (virtual) Linux computer, but built with open source. And with every new iteration, the developers add new features and refine what’s already there.

Plan Long Term For Your Data And Productivity Platform

For many companies, their previous investments are now about to become expensive headaches. For them, legacy IT is a big drain on resources. About three-quarters of the estimated $35 trillion spent on tech since 2010 has gone toward operating and maintaining existing systems. At least $2.5 trillion has been spent on trying to replace legacy IT systems, of which some $720 billion was wasted on failed replacement efforts.

This is one of the main reasons the Vontainment team loves open-source options. Not only are they free, customizable, and secure but they also have a longevity many commercial products don’t. When development on one branch of a popular open-source project dies, a new fully compatible branch is born.

With an open-source productivity platform comes the security that will last. This cuts down on the major costs of privately securing legacy platforms or the time and headache of transferring systems.

Nextcloud file storage

Version 20 Is Better Than Ever

The latest release of Nextcloud, 20, includes some important changes, two of which are the new Dashboard — for a quick overview of what’s happening on your Nextcloud instance — and Talk integrations, so you can bridge your local chat tool with services like IRC, Slack, MS Teams, and more.

Another major improvement to Nextcloud is the Search feature, which is now unified across the platform. Instead of the Search feature being app-specific, it now provides results across every installed application as well as an integrated service. If you’ve integrated GitHub into Nextcloud, it will be included in your search. 

More Talk connections

A talk is a crucial tool for Nextcloud users, as it gives them a built-in audio and video chat service. With Talk, you can hold conference calls with any user(s) on your Nextcloud instance. However, with the release of Nextcloud 20, Talk now enjoys even more connections. This is made possible with the addition of Matterbridge, which serves as a bridge between Nextcloud and numerous third-party services.

With the new release, you can connect Talk to third-party services, such as:

  • Slack
  • IRC
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Matrix
  • Mattermost
  • Nextcloud Talk

There are also other services that are available (but untested), including:

  • Zulip
  • Steam
  • RocketChat
  • Discord

Other services that are not yet integrated (but are supported by Matterbridge) include:

  • Gitter
  • Hipchat
  • Keybase
  • SshChat
  • Telegram
  • Whatsapp
  • Twitch

Full Productivity Platform

Instead of handing over data to a third party, ONLYOFFICE runs in your own data center, guaranteeing 100% confidentiality of the documents.

Integration in Nextcloud makes it easy to work on documents alone, with other Nextcloud users or with others who participate through a publicly shared link.

Powerful spreadsheet editor

Organize and manage your data online in XLSX, ODS, and CSV files with over 400 formulas and create colorful visualizations.

Beautiful presentation builder

Express ideas in beautiful presentations stored in PPTX and ODP or exported to PDF full of charts, shapes, and images.

Complete document writer

Open, edit and collaborate on Word, ODT, PDF, or HTML documents in real-time with powerful formatting and layout capabilities.

Nextcloud Gives You Access To All Your Files Wherever You Are

Where are your photos and documents? With Nextcloud you pick a server of your choice, at home, in a data center, or at a provider. And that is where your files will be. Nextcloud runs on that server, protecting your data and giving you access from your desktop or mobile devices. Through Nextcloud you also access, sync, and share your existing data on that FTP drive at school, a Dropbox, or a NAS you have at home.

Share With Others On Your Term

The easy web interface allows you to share files with other users on your server, to create and send password-protected public links, to let others upload files to your cloud, and to get notifications on your phone and desktop when a user on another cloud server shares files directly with you. And you can do all these things from the desktop or mobile clients, too.

Mobile And Desktop Clients

The free Nextcloud clients for Android, iOS, and desktop systems allow you to sync and share files, in a fully secure way through an encrypted connection. The mobile clients feature automatic upload of pictures and videos you take and can synchronize select files and folders. The clients can handle multiple accounts, show all activity happening on your server, and notify you of new events such as the availability of new shares.

If your business is looking for a file or collaboration platform contact us to discuss your options.

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