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Our team is passionate about political campaign websites and we strive to drive people to take action with beautiful design.

Your political campaign website is the face of your campaign. A poorly designed website can make your campaign look unprofessional and cast doubt on your political candidacy. In contrast, a well designed political campaign website will tell your constituents everything they need to know about your campaign, your stances on key issues, and how they can support you. 

Political campaign website design has a very specific goal: presenting your values and representing your political promises through deliberate imagery and design choices. Nothing on your webpage should be accidental. 

Creating a strong design for your political campaign website takes research and expertise. Your team likely has many responsibilities they need to devote resources to, and in some cases, delegating website design to a third party professional can be best. 

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Why political campaign web design is important for your campaign

When voters hear your name, they will head to the internet to find out more about you. Your political campaign website will be their first impression of your entire candidacy. Today, a modern, tech-savvy website is the norm for political candidates, and even at their bare minimum, political campaign websites need to meet a certain level of design quality. 

A quality website will enhance your candidacy by presenting your campaign as well funded, sophisticated, and up-to-date with current technology. Outside of just your candidate’s brand and image, your website’s design will invite visitors to learn and interact with your campaign, converting potential voters.

Even today with tools like Wix building your own site is not easy. You need to make sure it works and aligns on both desktops and mobile phones. Creating a striking design is not an easy task. Our designs take advantage of animations to make your site feel alive and draw the eye to important places. We take full advantage of negative space and make sure visitors don’t feel overwhelmed. Most political sites we see are flat and lack depth. Our designs use subtle drop shadows and effects to provide a layered 3d feel.

The Right Features To Get The Job Done

  • Accept Donations Online
  • Event Calendar
  • Newsletter
  • Push Notifications
  • Social Media Integrations
  • Easy Administration
  • Beautiful Blog Posts
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Search Console
  • YouTube Video Feeds

Establish your campaign’s values and political identity 

Your website should inform visitors about your platform and stance on key issues. Ensure your political website’s design provides clear navigation that will direct visitors to a dedicated issues page. The best campaign websites provide comprehensive, jargon-free information on your plans paired with images that demonstrate your past engagement with the issues that matter most to your voters. 

Your website’s design can also impact how voters will perceive your campaign. Consider your campaign’s brand identity as you start designing your website. Candidates who want to show their dedication to their community will feature images of them interacting with volunteers, while a candidate invested in environmental issues might frame their website around images of them at environmental marches. 

As your campaign grows, you’ll need to attract a constant stream of donors and volunteers. Since your website serves as a portal for supporters to contribute time and money, forms to sign up and get involved should be front and center on your homepage. 

Your website helps you connect with voters by providing a space for news updates, campaign progress, and even live Q&A sessions. Some political campaign websites also integrate chat features, allowing voters to interact with volunteers answering questions about your campaign on your behalf.

Use both your social media pages and your website to connect with more supporters and establish a comprehensive outreach strategy that makes sure your campaign will stay on top of news updates.

Our Political Campaign Web Design Package

We have found a solid plan for creating amazing websites for political campaigns. Combining fluid design with subtle call to actions to drive donations. Automatic youtube feed so you can spend more time making your message and less posting it. Modern fundraising form design is especially important for accepting donations. Outdated designs and information can make donors wary about sharing their financial information, causing your campaign to miss out on vital donations.  Large easy to update event calendars to make sure people get out to support. Empower your political campaigns, advocacy groups, and professional associations with powerful websites and compelling graphic design.

Custom themed site with the following pages:

  • Home Page
  • Biography
  • Volunteer
  • Events
  • Donate
  • News/Blog

Packed with these amazing features:

  • News/Blog Email Update
  • Push To Phone Notifications
  • Autoload Your Youtube Videos
  • Easy To Update Event Calendar

If you use our managed hosting:

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  • Access To Our Link Analytics