This article is to help explain the design process for a client looking to have a new website built. many don’t realize that the process is a joint effort between the business and designer. As a designer, my job is to bring your business to life on the web. The one thing I lack in making that happen is the understanding of your business. I need a client to write “about us” and other content. I can study, and learn to write these things, though they will never be as heartfelt as someone who is actually involved in the business.

A Web Designers Part In The Design Process

Both the client and the web designer have a part in the design process. As a web designer, my job is to write the thousand to one hundred thousand lines of code that make up your website. I create graphics and optimize everything. Rewrite client-supplied text and content to be more SEO-friendly. I take client-supplied content and adapt it to an SEO-friendly web format.

A Clients Part In The Design Process

Even though you may be paying me to create your website, I still need your help. As an outsider to your business or personal life. I cannot create content I don’t know. You know your business’s history, services, prices, and all other details. It is the client’s part to write up the key content for the site. I will take care of spelling, grammar, editing, and SEO.

The Steps In The Design Process

  1. When you first contact us I will ask basic questions and get a feel for what you need. I will also find out what you want. I will let you know if any of your ideas are out of place. Many clients want a website like something they have seen online. Some websites were created with million-dollar budgets. At this step, I come up with the idea for your site within your budget.
  2. Next, I will write up the discussed design idea and send you a quote which we will discuss. If accepted we move forward, if not we discuss other options.
  3. After the quote is accepted a deposit is required as specified in the quote at which point work will begin.
  4. I will let you know everything I need from you in detail. As you work on supplying me with needed content I will start with the technical side. Getting the framework for the design and features setup.

Deposits And Payments

We take an upfront deposit on all jobs and the rest is payable 2 weeks from the date of completion. We even have payment plans for established businesses. We are always looking to work within the client’s budget. We take that into account when quoting and planning.

After we meet or discuss in detail what you want we give you a set flat price. That will never change unless you decide to alter what you want, into something much more complicated. We have 20 years experience and we will confident that we can quote accurate prices for the level of work.

We take all our payments through one of the largest and most integrated payment systems. If you are looking to take online payments, check them out!

What Happens After The Site Is Completed?

After the site is finished you have the choice to acquire our services through a 6/mo or 12/mo service plan. That gives you 24/7 (literally) access to someone to help you with your website and online needs.

If a service plan is not what you are looking to get into we also work on a service call basis. Just a phone call away.

We will still be here for you.


I See So Much About Wordpress! Why?

It runs 30% of websites including most major news sites. If done right it is fast, secure, and cost-effective to deploy. Sites that venture capital startups and corporations have created for near a million can be done in 2 weeks for $1500. WordPress helps bring things that were out of reach of small businesses as an option finally. But Don’t worry… We can do so many other things!

Websites are not cheap. How can I pay?

Our average client spends no more than $1200 on average for a fully-featured site. If that number shocks you don’t worry. Most of our clients only spend $600. It just depends on what you need.

How long does the design process take?

Usually, the average site can be completed in under a week. Though in our experience most clients are underprepared and are not able to get us what we need timely enough for a week deadline. Our average design is 2 to 3 weeks time but depending on the client can be as low as a week.

I How do I get a domain name and hosting? So many choices!!

We have several we suggest for hosting depending on your needs. We can also recommend domain registers and tell you the ones to avoid. We may require clients to purchase domains and hosting themselves. We will help guide and direct you. We suggest and We also usually have some killer coupons! (we are on the mailing list)

Do you handle hosting and domains?

No, we do not and any web designer who does should be avoided. It is a tactic to get you stuck and to have control over you. We believe all clients should own their hosting and domain in their name. We are just designers, not masters of the kingdom.