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At Vontainment, a web design company located in Port Charlotte and serving all of Southwest Florida, we understand the importance of online security. This is why we are proud to partner with Bitwarden, a password manager that aims to eliminate hacking. Bitwarden’s vision is one that we fully support, and we have incorporated their core principles into our business model to deliver top-notch password management solutions. For businesses, Bitwarden offers a secure way to conduct business faster and more efficiently. With Bitwarden, businesses can rest assured that their sensitive information is being protected at all times. For individuals and families, Bitwarden helps keep personal information private and secure, allowing for increased productivity and peace of mind.

Overall, Bitwarden empowers individuals, teams, and organizations to access and share sensitive data easily and securely. By partnering with Bitwarden, we are able to offer our clients the best in password management solutions, keeping them safe and secure online. At Vontainment, we believe in supporting local businesses and individuals, and our partnership with Bitwarden allows us to do just that.

Host On-Premise Password Manager

Vontainment recommends Bitwarden, a password manager offering a paid subscription service and a free self-hosted option with industry-leading features. We can set up Bitwarden on-premise or in the cloud to suit your requirements. Bitwarden provides mission-critical access with encrypted on-device storage that allows access to logins even during disruptions. The software generates random passcodes and works on various operating systems, mobile devices, and browsers, enabling secure password usage for team members. Passwords can be shared securely within the organization through Bitwarden Organizations, eliminating the risks of emailing or texting credentials.

Smaller businesses can opt for Vaultwarden, a lightweight yet affordable option with several advanced features missing. Bitwarden eliminates the need for repeating simple passwords and storing them on unencrypted spreadsheets, notes, or documents. It ensures the safekeeping of office wifi passwords, company credit cards, and other information with secure collaboration and sharing.

Everything You Need Out Of A Password Manager


Powerful security within minutes

For those who want to do more, secure more, and collaborate more, Bitwarden is fast and easy to set up for both individuals and businesses.


Unlimited passwords, unlimited devices

Cross platform access for mobile, browser, and desktop apps. Supported in over 40 languages.


Protect what’s important to you

Zero knowledge, end-to-end encryption guides the Bitwarden open source approach to trust, accountability, and security.

Platform Features And Benefits

  • Secure Password Sharing Bitwarden provides a secure and easy way to share your sensitive data with authorized users or teams. By using end-to-end encryption, Bitwarden ensures that only the intended recipients can access the shared data. This makes it easier for teams to work together while keeping confidential information safe and secure.
  • Cross-Platform Accessibility With Bitwarden, you can store all of your passwords, credit card information, and other sensitive data in a secure online vault that can be accessed from any device and any location. Whether you’re at home, at work, or on the go, Bitwarden keeps your data accessible and protected at all times.
  • Always-On Support At Bitwarden, we understand that technical issues can arise at any time. That’s why we offer around-the-clock customer support to ensure our users can always access the help they need. Our Customer Success agents are always available to help you resolve any issues and keep your data secure.
  • Detailed Event Logs Bitwarden creates detailed event logs to help you keep track of user and group access to sensitive data. These logs provide a clear audit trail that enables you to track and monitor data access, ensuring that you stay informed and in control of your data at all times.
  • Security Audit & Compliance As an open source solution, Bitwarden is continually audited and updated to ensure compliance with the latest data privacy regulations. Our platform complies with Privacy Shield, GDPR, CCPA regulations, giving you greater peace of mind when it comes to data privacy and security.
  • Vault Health Reports Bitwarden provides insightful reports that reveal weak, reused passwords and other helpful data security metrics. With these reports, you can quickly identify areas of weakness in your data security practices and take steps to strengthen them.
  • Directory Sync Our powerful Directory Connector streamlines user and group onboarding and keeps them in sync. This ensures that all users and groups have the necessary access to critical data, while reducing the chances of errors or breaches.
  • Flexible Integrations Bitwarden offers flexible integrations that enable you to unite your existing systems with our platform. With SSO integration, Directory services, or powerful APIs, you can seamlessly integrate Bitwarden into your existing workflows, making it easier to keep your data secure and accessible.

Open Source Is The Only Way To Guarantee 100% Transparency And Earn Trust

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