Remote Support online. Remotely access and control desktop of computers or laptop via web internet connection. System administrator helps of customers, employees fix issues, setup software, equipment.

Support Options

It’s important to note that after the launch of your website, it’s important to have a plan in place for ongoing maintenance and support. This can include updates, bug fixes, and training sessions to ensure that your website is functioning properly and meeting your needs. While certain issues may be covered under a basic support package, it’s important to understand what is and is not included in order to ensure that you have the support you need. It may be beneficial to consider purchasing a service plan, which can provide more comprehensive support and cover a range of services including updates, maintenance, and content updates. Service plans can be purchased on a monthly, bi-yearly, or yearly basis, and can be customized to meet your specific needs. It’s also important to note that service plans may include features such as uptime monitoring and alerts, as well as extended backups, to help ensure the smooth operation and security of your website.

We Never Stop Trying To Make Support Easier

We offer custom maintenance and support service contracts; tailored to your needs so you only pay for what you need. For clients with less demanding needs you can always pay per service call.

Vontainment offers tools above and beyond our competitors! We use our automated Status System to know immediately if a client’s’ site is down. We offer free multi tiered data backup for both VPS hosting and shared hosting. For clients on a VPS feel secure with a 3 level backup, on server daily backups, daily full server snapshots, and remote site backups on Our Backup System. For clients on shared hosting feel secure with daily backups managed by the hosting company and remote backups to Our Backup System.

Companies Change For The Better When They Work With Vontainment

We focus on our clients’ needs and set you up for success and keep your
organization’s website in sync. With support that is proactive.

Our team is your team and we make it easy for clients to request
support and website updates, as well as manage and track website progress. Our website service plans provide all the extra help whenever you need it.

Save Money With Customised Support Plans

Everyone’s needs are different. As many have varying degrees of tech skills; one plan doesn’t fit all. From pay as you go to service contracts based on your need for regular updates we can set a monthly allotment of service calls for updates & changes. You also can choose a total hourly allotment each month for consultations, support calls & training. As well as monthly or bi-weekly updates & maintenance based on your platform and hosting. All clients with a service contract also benefit from a discount on additional service calls & a lower hourly rate for overages.

Pay As You Go Plan

For clients on a budget who don’t need much help you can always pay as you go for support. Support, updates & maintenance by request with upfront pricing by quote or by hour where applicable.

Updates & Maintenance Plan

Recommended minimum especially for any clients on a VPS hosting. Monthly or bi-weekly updates & maintenance; dependent on platform and hosting. We keep your site secure, fast and functioning.

Full service Plan

Customized plans based on client needs. Monthly or bi-weekly updates & maintenance; dependent on platform and hosting. As well as a determined monthly allotment of service calls with a total hourly allotment.

We Also Have Awesome Services Included Free To All Clients

Benefit from our free services included for all clients with or without service plans. This includes uptime monitoring so we can quickly fix any issues. Remote backups to secure backup server. Access to our link analytics, session replay platform and social AI automation platform.

Our link analytics platform is a powerful marketing tool when you use it carefully. It is not just a link but a medium between your customer and their destination. A short link allows you to collect so much data about your customers and their behaviors. A short link example (https://vonsrc/dhder). Each short link forwards to a place of your choice. This allows you to create multiple links to your homepage and tack each one. Pair this with QR codes and out biopages for awesome marketing possibilities. Our biopages or landing pages are mobile pages you can design in our easy to use editor. these can be detailed Instagram/Facebook bios or pages for events or marketing information.

Our sessions replay platform is an all-in-one web analytics tool. Lightweight tracking, session replays, heatmaps, user journeys & more. Most web analytics solutions do way too much when, in most cases, what you need is to glance over them and easily understand what is going on. The dashboard contains all the details you will need to know how you traffic is looking and evolving. Evaluating your visitors behaviour and repeated actions is the best way to know what is working and what is not going so well. Session replays are the most convenient way to easily check what a visitor did and his journey throughout the site. High quality replays, the best way to visually see everything a visitor did.

Our social AI platform is a visual drag and drop Flow Builder based chatbot for Facebook Messenger and Instagram DM. It also comprises a feature for reply and private reply to comment on Facebook and Instagram. Besides, the marketing application has a feature for posting text, image, video, and carousel on Facebook and Instagram. Moreover, it has a feature for posting on other social media. True, the marketing software comes up with a complete SMS and Email marketing solution. On the other hand, it has a full-featured Ecommerce platform that could be set up inside Facebook Messenger, Instagram DM, and on web browsers.

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