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Why Use A VPS For Hosting

The web has become a more interactive place. The option for high ranking simple HTML sites is not there. With most websites built on dynamic platforms and frameworks like WordPress ( 0% of websites), shared hosting is not as optional as it used to be.

Shared hosting puts you on a managed server with thousands of other sites. This makes you more vulnerable to hackers and allows the reputation of unknown hosting sites to affect your reputation. Also stretch shared resources. The average shared hosting can only accommodate 10 visitors at a time. This makes it impossible for you to server the search engines’ crawlers, as most of them have multiple connections. While $5 a month sounds great, it can make your website underperform.

The other option is Managed WordPress or other framework and platform specific hosting. Managed hosting starts at $30 and averages $50 a month. At $600 a year that isn’t affordable for most. Our recommended option is Virtual Private Servers. The average website can run off a $5 plan and server over 250k visitors a day. The catch is VPS hosting is a blank server with no software and as such carries an initial setup fee. At $450 one time plus $5/mo. A VPS first year is $510 and then $60 a year after that. Small savings at first but major long term.

With a dedicated IP your virtual private server isn’t affected by others’ reputations. As well as opening other opportunities for your business such as cloud apps. A VPS can run many types of online tools, apps and services for your business or customers. From help ticket systems, file sharing, advanced email, mailing list, and more. Plus when it comes to heavier calculating sites like eCommerce, a VPS is the best way to go.

Unlike other types of hosting a Virtual Private Server gives us full control of the software. We can deploy better security and optimizations. Since the server is not shared we can run the most up to date and secure versions of software unlike other types of hoisting that are slow to upgrade in an attempt to keep more users software compatible.

Wondering what cloud services and apps are available? Click the link below for a list of powerful but free & open source options. Save on monthly fees with free self-hosted options.

Awesome Self-hosted

Security, Performance And Optimization

We build virtual private servers on Debian or it’s Debian based counterpart Ubuntu based on software needs. Setup with automatic security patches to make sure your website, apps and data are safe. Advanced firewall setups, as well as restricting sensitive administration services to specific IPs. This means that your server will be like a online fortress. We also employ intrusion protection software to to block the IPs attempting to repeatedly access administration, email or other sensitive services.

In case of WordPress site the guaranteed resources of a VPS allows us to setup a second web application firewall to block attempts to access WordPress admin areas, as well as constantly monitor WordPress’s files against the official repository to make sure nothing has been changed or corrupted by hackers, and in the case of such an event immediately revert the files and hack back to the correct code.

Being able to run any software on a virtual private server also allows us a wide variety of optimisations. We setup server image optimization software to run regularly and shrink the size of images without changing the quality, making for faster load times. The average load time of our sites on VPS hosting is 500 milliseconds vs shared hostings 3 to 5 seconds to load. This can boost conversions and traffic by 60% to 80%.

Mattering on your site and/or cloud apps running on your server we can employ many different optimizations and security solutions that best fit the situation. With cyber crime since 2020 becoming more profitable then the global drug trade, your digital security is more important than ever. Boost you security, SEO and conversions with virtual private server hosting.

Compare Your 10 Year Cost

VPS Hosting


10 Year Cost

Balanced Power & Price

Managed Hosting


10 Year Cost

Decent Power At High Price

Shared Hosting


10 Year Cost

Unsatisfactory Power & Small Savings

Email, Groupware And Communications

Virtual private servers can run more advanced software options then shared hosting. This allows for full groupware and advanced email solutions. Email, calendar, contacts, newsletters, file sharing and more can be run allowing you to save money by cutting out many services with monthly fees.

Website chat, support platforms, support tickets, and other customer service options can be run off a VPS. Our favorite being client relationship managers, allowing you to run your business from one place. Finances, email, projects, customer service and more supplied in one app you can access anywhere.

A Solution To Grow With

Virtual private servers can grow with your business. For $5 a month you can run several sites and apps easily, but as your business and traffic grows so can your VPS. Inseconds the RAM, CPU and Storage can be increased  (or decreased) to fill demand. Increasing your VPS capacity costs only a few dollars more a month. Shared and managed hosting can’t usually be expanded requiring you to open a second account and have your site moved, both a costly and time consuming project at times.

The Necessity Of VPS Hosting With eCommerce 

With shipping calculations, package tracking, and credit card processing, e-commerce requires a little more power and stability than a VPS can provide. Customers experience fewer errors or slower loads, which means more payments are made. Virtual Private Servers allow for more automation of your e-commerce, saving you time and money. The better security offered also means less chance of becoming a source of data leaks or credit card leaks. While platforms like process transactions remotely and never store the card on your servers, a malicious script installed by hackers can still be used to capture this information.

Virtual private servers can be configured with anti-virus software and other security solutions to help prevent these problems. Many shared and managed hosting servers share an encryption certificate with all the websites hosted on the server. This and other problems can allow vulnerabilities in someone else’s website to allow hackers to gain access to you and your customers. There is nothing like a data breach to kill customer trust. With a VPS, you are not susceptible to other security issues because you are hosted privately and isolated from others.

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