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For your business, it’s well worth the investment to work with Vontainment in Port charlotte in order to develop a customized E-commerce web design aimed at improving conversion rates while attracting new customers at the same time.

The modern website is so much more than a necessity now. Every business has a site, so it’s no longer as simple as merely having a website. You need a website that stands out from the pack, ranks higher than the competition, and develops both leads and potential clients, all at the same time.

While there are numerous website building services out there providing cookie-cutter designs with limited features, these digital storefronts typically perform poorly on search engines.

How Does The Development Process Work?

You have many decisions moving forward but Vontainment can help make it less overwhelming. Let’s start by going over the most important options!

  • What are you selling? (merchandise, digital downloads, services, subscriptions, memberships, etc)
  • How do you plan to ship? (flat-rate, carrier calculated, free)
  • Will you ship Continental US/US, globally or locally
  • If your online store sharing products with a physical store?
  • What type on on site marketing interests you? ( rewards programs, flash sales, free gifts, coupons for newsletter sign ups)

Based on your answers we can help to pick the best platform to sell on. Ways to avoid some issues and inform you of issues you will eventually encounter.

Selling Online

Selling digital downloads is by far super easy. Merchandise can be complicated by your choice of shipping options. Services, subscriptions, and memberships vary from easy to complicated. They also have the largest effect on what platforms you can use.

Shipping To Your Buyers

Shipping a flat rate per order or item is easy but can lead to shipping costs wasting profits. Free shipping is simple but can majorly eat profits. These must be carefully calculated and thought out to find the right balance and price.

Carrier calculated shipping (may) carry small yearly fees mattering on the carrier. It also requires you to measure each product and weigh them. This lets the software figure out what box is needed and how much shipping costs.

With calculated shipping, you can be automatically provided a shipping slip and with some carriers items can be picked up, picked up and pack, or dropped off. The amount charged to the shipper is the amount charged for shipping, guaranteeing profits are not eaten by shipping costs.

Though as you can guess this has the inconvenience of messing and weighting merchandise.

Charging For Orders

You will need a merchant account to take payments. There are many to choose from but sometimes features limit that. We can help you find the right one or try to work a current one in. But right now let us talk about the most common ones.

Stripe.com is a great merchant at 2.9% plus 30 cents as a transaction. they support saving payment methods, subscriptions, recurring billing, and integrate with EVERYTHING. Downside.. They can do it in person but it is not as easy as some others.

Square.com is about the same price as Stripe but offers great in-person payments. They have many great features one being their booking system. They can also be used with Woocommerce allowing you to sync a physical and online store.

You can have an IPad POS system from them to use in the shop, that syncs items and stock to Woocommerce.

Paypal.com is the most famous but is a bleeding user. PayPal allows such easy disputes that customers can easily charge back. PayPal holds money randomly and a host of other issues. These do not affect all users but if chosen.. keep an eye out.

Restricted Businesses

Businesses listed under the links above can not always process credit cards and the ones who can require high-risk merchant accounts. These can require large sums out of pocket to start-up, monthly fees of $30 to $100 or more as well as several times the charge per transaction. This can cause the cost of sales to rise above what customers will pay, and can quickly drain startup cash as you get your business going.

Pick The Platform

The big platforms are Shopify and Woocommerce. Shopify is simple but costly. Between monthly charges and costs for extensions. Shopify is not as capable of design as others. You can make good-looking stores, but many options are just not available.

Woocommerce is big, powerful, and can do ANYTHING. Unlike Shopify Woo can not be set up by the average person to its full extent. The need for a developer increases the startup costs of Woo. But with wood easy to use store owners’ interface, and the fact it is made by WordPress makers Automattic and fully integrates makes it is an endless amazing platform for features and design.

Now secret option 3!! You can make a WordPress site combine it with a Shopify store to get the best of WP and Shopify. Have a website that beats any 3rd party e-commerce service but still sells through the Shopify e-commerce platform.

The Nitty

Once your platform is ready to do there are images, content, prices, hosting, and other decisions to make. It may sound like a lot but Vontainment can help with planning your e-commerce adventure. Start making sales and build your empire.

Want To Shopify We Can Help You

With the expertise to create custom Shopify themes to fit your needs and budget. Don’t settle on one of the free templates. Let the Shopify website designers at Vontainment help you set your company apart with a custom template that’s optimized for conversions.

E-commerce has significantly changed the business scenario. Today, Shopify powers over a million businesses worldwide. This proves that eCommerce marketing is not just one strategy among many — it is a global business necessity. Shopify is considered among the leading eCommerce solutions and innovations that continue to redefine the global marketplace. In the last six months alone, Shopify generated over 46.45 million visits and received approximately 218 million orders in the previous year.

This all-in-one eCommerce platform now has more than 2 million active users, which contribute more than $183 billion in global economic activity. Overall, Shopify holds an impressive 31 percent of the eCommerce market. Undoubtedly, Shopify is an excellent platform for brands looking to build their online store. If you’re not yet using Shopify for your E-commerce business, it’s high time that you reconsider your online marketing efforts.

Integrate The Shopify Platform Into Your Website

Shopify is a great store platform but not the easiest or most innovative website platform. We have the experience to build Shopify themes that blend into a website and integrate parts of Shopify. This allows you to have a solution like WordPress as a website with Shopify as your sales solution.

It takes more than an aesthetic web design to draw and retain customers. As a marketer, you need a robust SEO for Shopify strategy to improve your overall sales and leverage this profitable selling platform. Build a strong web presence and rank high on search results with the help of our Shopify SEO experts.

We provide an all-in-one solution to help businesses improve SEO on Shopify. Let us help you create a structured online store, optimize for search and mobile and improve your site security. Partner with us and get results-driven SEO for your Shopify store.

WordPress With Woocommerce

Vontainment stands by the benefits offered by WooCommerce over DIY e-commerce builders like Squarespace or Shopify. If you’re unfamiliar with either or are just discovering WooCommerce, it’s important to know the difference and why taking advantage of the best eCommerce platform for your situation is beneficial.

Similar to Shopify, WooCommerce allows you to showcase an eCommerce digital storefront through your website. This way, customers can visit your store through your website, and not some external source that’s not actually hosted and protected on your website. The benefit of WooCommerce allows you to have complete control over your online store, without being dictated by what your service provider will limit your access to or control over. With WooCommerce, the sky is really the limit and your store can look, function, and feature everything and anything you need for it to accomplish.

Want to know what else is great about WooCommerce? It’s a part of WordPress so not only will you receive a ton of support from its network of developers, but WooCommerce also speaks directly with search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing, allowing you to access and implement everything that is necessary to build and optimize your products, images, pages, and website as a whole. Shoppers who visit the website can search for products and find direct links to your products within the site, making it a wonderful and easy user experience.

E-commerce and sales solutions

Benefits Of WooCommerce

There are a number of available platforms for listing and selling your merchandise online. Beyond your custom eCommerce website that a company like Simplemachine provides, Shopify has long stood as one of the most popular options. But it does have its limitations. Shopify is a host eCommerce platform. This means Shopify controls and hosts everything you upload. While you do have flexibility within the platform, you are somewhat limited in the overall scope of changes you can make to the storefront.

WooCommerce is self-hosted. This allows you to freely change just about everything within the store, from visuals to the overall appearance of the site. Combine this with the management services of SimpleMachine and you have far greater control over everything going on with the eCommerce storefront.

One of the main reasons businesses turn to Shopify is because it is beginner-friendly. The hosted feature makes it easier to hit the ground running. When you use a service provider like Vontainment, you don’t have this problem. Everything is set up for you, so you can bypass the learning curve issue.

Marketshare is an important stat to consider when looking for the best E-Commerce platform. Despite the popularity of Shopify, it only has a seven percent market share for all internet storefronts. WooCommerce has 40% of the market. This increases your product exposure dramatically.

By taking advantage of a service provider such as Vontainment, you’ll have your E-Commerce site up and running, and the self-hosted features give you greater control.

Gaining Exposure With SEO

There are some key moves in SEO to help boost your sales and online exposure. From including structured data to help the search engines understand what you are selling, to including your products on Google product feed. Did you know having product reviews on your site can boost your Google position?

Using proper schema data and HTML can help search engines understand what you sell and show it to the right people. Boost your visibility with FAQ-rich snippets in Google search results.

Boost your sales by maintaining a fast-loading site by hosting your store on a Digital Ocean VPS. We set up affordable, powerful, and secure VPS solutions. Hosting your store on a VPS comes with a higher initial setup cost, but greatly reduces the monthly cost with large long-term savings and better eCommerce performance.

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