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When employers make cybersecurity training a priority, they are helping to prevent major losses within a company. However, awareness training rarely addresses the skill and application of that knowledge. It’s not enough to simply be knowledgeable about security, but to implement a career-long training strategy that will help to eradicate cybercrime altogether. There are constantly new threats to cyber safety, so ongoing training is essential and should be a part of the overall job training process from the very beginning. 

Cybersecurity Standards, Training and Compliance

Many businesses are required to meet particular cybersecurity standards. The U.S. Government has a number of protection agencies that most people are familiar with such as the FTC, FCC, and SEC.  These agencies create and enforce regulations and compliances for the industries that fall under their jurisdiction.  The federal government also has several mandated compliance regulations involving cybersecurity such as: 





Even businesses that are not required to meet particular standards need to be safe to prevent ransomware, data leaks, and expenses related to cybercrime. even the best cybersecurity is only as strong as your team. Most companies are hacked through social engineering than software exploits.

Criminals use social engineering tactics because it is usually easier to exploit your natural inclination to trust than it is to discover ways to hack your software.  For example, it is much easier to fool someone into giving you their password than it is for you to try hacking their password (unless the password is really weak). Our cybersecurity training can help your business avoid costly data breaches and more.

Cybersecurity Training

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cybersecurity audits

For true cybersecurity both staff, and infrastructure must be secured. Your network should be tested and checked for issues to prevent easy access by criminals. Terminated employees are another large risk, if set up correctly this too can be safeguarded against. Your workflow and team’s daily habits should be looked at for issues and common mistakes.

We offer both infrastructure hardening as well as workflow auditing and staff training. For local businesses in Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda, North Port, and surrounding areas Vontainment offers customized cybersecurity consulting and training.

Network And Infrastructure Auditing

We can check your network setup and well run standard penetration tests. We will thoroughly check for all issues and areas in need of improvement. We will present you and go over an extended audit of issues and different solutions that can be implemented.

System And Computers Auditing

We will scan and investigate your system setups to make sure your computers and/or servers are set up and secured correctly. We will compile an extended audit to go over with you. We will explain the issues we found and solutions to them. We can quickly upgrade and implement our recommended safety measures to secure your network without destroying your budget.

Workflow and Staff Auditing

We can also check your workflow and staff habits to make sure your team isn’t putting your business at risk. Watch, listen and ask questions to learn how your staff is going about business. We will see any areas of risk or places your team lacks the knowledge to be safe. We will present you with our extended audit to discuss. Our audit will outline any issues with your cybersecurity and our suggestions for team cybersecurity training.

From Audits To Action

With the information collected from audits, we can come up with different options to fix issues from systems, networking, or employee habits. We can create a plan of action to fit almost any budget. We specialize in small businesses and we know what is realistic for budgets and capabilities.

We specialize in open-source solutions and creative implementations. We can find ways to bring you enterprise cybersecurity at small business budgets. It costs nothing to call us, So contact us and see what we can do!

Cybersecurity Training For Staff

All training programs are unique but what makes the most difference is efficacy and how that’s implemented in the workplace. This means that anyone using a computer (which is just about everyone) should know how to identify phishing schemes and social engineering attacks. If these things are not easily identifiable, they may go overlooked and wreak severe havoc.

In the case of remote work (which has been on the rise for months now due to the COVID-19 pandemic), the dangers of public Wi-Fi should be acknowledged and addressed (including the possibility of a password or other data being leaked).

Empowering your employees to recognize common cyber threats can be beneficial to your organization’s computer security. Cybersecurity training teaches employees to understand vulnerabilities and threats to business operations. Your employees need to be aware of their responsibilities and accountabilities when using a computer on a business network. With the information at hand from our audits, we will design a cybersecurity training course for your team. This will include reading material and quizzes for staff, videos, and on-the-job cybersecurity training.

We also supply a compiled cybersecurity workflow booklet for new staff or refreshing memory. This will outline the common mistakes and solutions as well as the correct ways to perform tasks. We can also provide education packets to quiz and train new staff at later dates.

Computer And Network Security

We can help you implement an enterprise-level network at small business budgets. Why settle for basic security? You CAN HAVE the same level of protection major companies have for a price your can afford.

Encryption, oversite, best practices, and security. Do you know how secure you are? Do you know how fast tech changes? What is secure this year will be vulnerable next year. Thankfully if done right you don’t need new equipment every year. The right solution is for updatable hardware that can be evolved for the time through its software. Adaptable solutions that lost longer between upgrade cycles to save your cash.

Maintaining Security

Cybersecurity is always on the rise and new threats are constantly emerging, so it’s necessary for training to be ongoing. The world is filled with technology and this makes our lives easier, but it’s critical that we know how to manage it and that we keep cybersecurity in our line of vision at all times. This means that cybersecurity training should be ongoing.

Keeping staff from forgetting or falling into bad habits after cybersecurity training can be hard. We offer customized packages for regular auditing quarterly, biannually, and annually. These are usually quicker and easier to perform and we can catch old and new issues and refresh training where needed. New hire training and regularly scheduled refresher training courses should be established in order to instill the data security culture of your organization.

Better Staff Hiring

Many small businesses can’t afford to have an in-house IT team. Many local small businesses struggle with technology due to their size. With staff members lacking the skills to use technology and use it safely can be costly to your business. Even with the best cybersecurity training, without staff members who understand computers, compliance is usually low. So what do you do when your business is reliant on technology? Vontainment can help with finding the correct staff for your team. We can help make sure that the employees your hire needs cybersecurity or technology training.

We can help with pre-employment tests packets, online application systems with tests as well as sitting virtually or in-person during interviews. As well as help employers with the right questions and know the right answers when interviewing new staff. This can ensure your new team members have the skills to do their job and to do it safely. You don’t need an onsite IT team when your staff has the skills required of them.

Virtual Support And Training

We can set up personalized virtual support and training options. Create a package that fits your needs and budget or per session price. Virtual support, cybersecurity training, and computer assistance is an affordable option. Instead of an on-site IT staff or regular on-site work by an IT service contractor, we offer virtual help.

An easy-to-use solution, when you call us for the support we can send you a link to start your help session. Our team can share screens to either see your issue or to show you what to do. As our solution uses a web browser it works on all computers and since it doesn’t install software leaves no vulnerable remote desktop software on systems.

We can train new staff, fix issues, or implement assistance in other ways. By not having to have our team on-site, we can pass down great savings in support costs to you.

Cyber Security FAQ

What Are The Most Important Cybersecurity Considerations For Small Business?

The most important cybersecurity consideration your business can make is education. Make sure you and your staff know how hackers and hacking really works and how to recognize the warnings and prevent falling for fishing.

If you business deals with many employees and logins/credentials to services you need to consider a company password management system like bitwarden. This can be used to easily create secure passwords and manage employee logins.

What Is The Biggest Cyber Security Issues Businesses Have?

Most business owners don’t understand real cybersecurity issues. Thanks to Hollywood most people have many misconceptions. Many feel they are safe as small local businesses and that they will not be targeted. Sadly hackers are not as media portrays, they are not people typing on a computer and breaking into targeted systems. Hackers use automation to first test potential targets, this automation can easily try thousands of random businesses big and small a day.

Hackers use automated bots to probe websites and online devices for software exploits and upon finding one the actual hacker then breaks in to see what is there. Best case they just corrupt the systems and data they find, worst they steal info, money or wipe out important systems your business depend on.

Many hackers use social engineering and fishing schemes to steal credentials that can be used to take down important systems, steal data or encrypt data for ransomed. For healthcare based businesses as well as others this can be a legal nightmare. Your customer’s information can be abused and you could be held liable.

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