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Self-hosted cloud services are here!

Have you heard about The Cloud? Some people know what it is others don’t and more so only have half an idea and a lot of fear. Vontainment can help make the cloud work for you whether it is on a professionally hosted server or if we set you up a server on-site so you can have your cloud on-premise. The options are there and we can help you leverage the power of the cloud but keep control. Small businesses now have the option of self-hosted cloud services.

2020 is going to bring even more exciting opportunities for small businesses

Today’s modern AES encryptions are actually unbreakable. Sadly thanks to the government and companies hosting our data in the cloud there are backdoors and flaws that have let hackers in. There are now self-hosted and government standard encryption, open-source frameworks for setting up a self-hosted version of Google Drive or Dropbox.

Self-hosted cloud services

We can set you up either on a professionally hosted server or on your own (if you have one, if not we can help you get one) You can break all the rules when it is your cloud service. We set one up for They needed to share large directories of hundreds of files near 20 or more gigs. No current commercial solution worked. Their self-hosted solution was a perfect fit. As it was theirs and their rules there were no file limits on uploads. The desktop sync client would upload their files to the server and after that their clients could log in and view anything shared to them. If they needed to download all their files it would download as a nice zip in the browser. And all the time being encrypted to the highest standards!!!

Open-source frameworks make the could reachable for small businesses

We can provide many types of cloud services. From intranets that are on your local network, to online and services that bridge the two. Some online cloud services we can integrate into your website that replace a 3rd party or desktop software and can streamline your business flow such as:

  • Booking systems (check-out )
  • Invoice and quotation system such as we use. w/ or w/out credit card processing and or full billing and financial management. (Handle all your finances right from any computer, phone or tablet. As well as create accounts with custom permissions to delegate to others for help or simply so your accountant can write the checks or do the taxes.
  • We can create a time management/billable hour, tracker. Totally useable from your phone, tied into your invoices.
  • Create a client area or project management. A place for paperwork, contracts, online document signing,
  • Employee schedules on a private employee-only portal. It could be used to request vacation time, sick days, even a place to store their W2s. Safe, encrypted and private.
  • Self-hosted email servers; either professionally hosted or on your own in house servers. A great way to keep your email secure, and to control your spam filters to a more advanced level. No more junk mail.
  • Online chat and support ticket systems.

Vontainment has always been about security first!

Every website we make uses HTTPS:// for SEO as well as security and includes the following security features:

  • Software firewall & antivirus. Prevents hackers, if any malware or hacks are successful and site files are changed the antivirus immediately restores the website’s original files and the firewall blocks the hacker.
  • We use the free tier of on all our sites to speed uploading, make sure uptime is 100%, prevent over 10 types of attacks and adds a second physical firewall between the site and any possible hackers. (mattering on clients’ needs we may suggest a paid tier, but their free plan is best for most small or medium businesses.)
  • All code is optimized, kept updated, cleaned, patched and secured to the best of our abilities (And our abilities are a lot) We take pride in security.
  • All sites are backed-up twice daily as the last resort if all else failed.

If you’re looking to make your website more than just a poster

Let Vontainment help you, it just starts with a call or an email. We can discuss some of your wants, needs, desires, and options. Come set up an appointment and come see us or we can come to see you. Let us take your business and website to the next level with cloud services that you can trust and control.

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