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Do you need a logo or other graphics?

Graphic design is the process of visual communication and problem-solving using one or more of typography, photography and illustration. The field is considered a subset of visual communication and communication design, but sometimes the term “graphic design” is used synonymous. Graphic designers create and combine symbols, images and text to form visual representations of ideas and messages. They use typography, visual arts and page layout techniques to create visual compositions. Common uses of graphic design include corporate design (logos and branding), editorial design (magazines, newspapers and books), or environmental design, advertising, web design, communication design, product packaging and signage. Vontainment has worked on businesses in Port Charlotte and National brands.

Why choose us for graphic design?

Graphic design requires a creative expert. Here at Vontainment our work on businesses in Port Charlotte and National brands speaks for itself. There is a major difference from a $25 logo you purchased from an online site and one that has been customized for you and your businesses. Good graphic designers will know the best approaches to communicate your products and services to your customers. They will know what your competition does (because they will research it), the will take your preferences into mind and then come up with a number of creative solutions to get your message across. Most importantly they will develop the logo/art in the proper software so that it can be printed by any printer. Designing anything in Microsoft Office is not going to go far when it comes to printing your projects!

Here are a five reasons why you should hire a graphic designer for your business?

  • 1. Saves Time: You have enough on your plate already. Do you really have to spend time trying to come up with designs for your logo, brochures or Powerpoint templates? A graphic designer can create a design in a quarter of the time it will take you to do it yourself.
  • 2. Save Money: A graphic designer will know the most cost effective ways to design your materials, keeping costs to a minimum.
  • 3. Helps You Stand Out From the Rest: Having a template logo or look and feel you bought cheap online is not going to help you stand out from your competition. The only way people are going to remember you and your business is if your materials stand out compared to the rest.
  • 4. Keeps Your Look Consistent: If you’ve gone through the effort of hiring a designer, but then try and mimic their work on your own, your look and feel may lose it’s edge by being inconsistent. A designer will know which fonts to use where, will keep font sizes and colours consistent and ensure the overall look and feel of all your materials will consistently capture your brand.
  • 5. Help You Get the Results You Want: Many clients have an idea of what they want their business materials to look like, but have no way to convey them.

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Don’t start your business off on the wrong foot. Make a lasting impression with the right logo to help you get your business off the ground; provided by Vontainment Port Charlotte. Improve your image, stand out from the rest of the pack. Our Graphic Design is a great way to give your business the brand image it needs. The right designer will work with you to prioritize what items you need for your business.

Our Graphic Design Services Include:

  • Logos
  • Business Cards
  • Advertisements
  • Social & Web Content
  • Flyers
  • Posters
  • Images For Custom Products
  • And More

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