Get started with a new online presence

Online Branding

Whether you are starting a new business or have been open for a decade your online presence is important. When people look for different types of businesses or service providers one of the first actions we take is to look online. Even when friends refer us to a provider we usually go online to get their info and look.

What we see about a business can directly affect our view. It’s like the first impression meeting a person. We see reviews, images, news and your website (if you have one) as well as some of your competitors. Have you looked up your competition and yourself? Do you look best? If you don’t look best online you could be losing customers to who does.

We specialize in not just creating modern responsive websites but in creating, maintaining and growing online brand presence for small business. We can develop and deploy cloud resources and intranet options for businesses to bring you into the 21st century. as well as eCommerce and other great online options.

There is so much that can be a part of your web presence. An online presence is any existence of an individual or business that can be found via an online search. An example of an individual who is not active on the Internet but who has a online presence is one who is a member of an association that has a member directory listing online. Another example is an individual who only has a LinkedIn or Facebook profile. How do you leverage and enhance their existing web presence to boost their exposure and reputation and market themselves and/or their business online?

One way is to design and build a compelling website or a blog. Once the concept of the web presence has been established, it is time to start building it, including the all-important keywords that are essential to that market. Without keywords, the website will not be successful and will essentially stagnate. It is important to understand that it takes a lot more than a beautiful-looking website to cultivate the success of a particular business through its online presence. Another way is to capitalize on their existing web presence and enhance it with additional social media marketing interactions. A third option is a combination of the two.