Free designs for local nonprofits

free website for nonprofits

Free designs for local nonprofits

We here at Vontainment are happy to announce that we will be doing web designs and marketing material designs for free to all local nonprofit organizations who serve the local community. This will be going on for all of 2019 as long as we have the available time and resources. We are one of the best design firms in the area and look forward to sharing our skill set to help those who help the local community. We feel it is important to give back to the community who supports you. A business is only as good as the community it serves.

Nonprofits organizations are important to our Community and they help provide services, goods and resources to meet community needs. In other word non profit organizations are important because they help provide to underprivileged child, disabilities child and poor people. It isn’t difficult to think of reasons to be thankful for nonprofit organizations. From providing vital and basic services to giving voice to the voiceless, nonprofit organizations fill every type of role you can imagine. They change lives and enrich them; mobilize communities and build them. 

Nonprofits are DOING something about the social issues many of us care about but don’t know how or where to start to affect change. Nonprofits make us feel valued: I’m thankful for non-profit organizations that strive for social good and bring humanity back to issues that are often stigmatized and leave those affected by them needing the most help. Nonprofits and their services often represent a turning point in countless people’s stories. And because the communities they build remind individuals they are not alone. By design, they attempt to provide things society needs that fall between what the government and the private sector can’t (or won’t) provide. That’s pretty cool. They’re also trying to accomplish a lot with a little.

Responsive Design

So lets celebrate this new year by giving a website and graphic update to all the local nonprofits service our community. Give us a call at (941) 313-2107 or drop us and email at


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