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Modern Web Technologies For Development

Vontainment focuses primarily on opensource web technologies for development. The combination of low-cost ad high security is a value we strive to pass to our clients. Open source development offers the potential for a more flexible technology and quicker innovation.

Modern eCommerce Development for 2020

Modern ecommerce development

Avant Garde Aesthetics is a new modern eCommerce development by Vontainment. A powerful, automated, fast, SEO friendly, AI assisted eCommerce store. Created with a clean minimalist design, the site focuses on services and information. Allowing customers to purchase products online, book appointments and subscribe for memberships. The store automatically emails, and keep current and past clients contacted and engaged, and creates AI automated sales and discounts to entice reluctant shoppers.

modern web development

#1 in modern web development; Vontainment

Vontainment.com is a prime example of our work in modern web development. As simple and clean as our site works it is a shell on and advanced framework on modern web technologies. Our site’s average load time is 1 second, but in that time 1000 of database queries and functions are calculated and all on low end affordable hosting. Our site is a Progressive Web App, protected by a firewall and antivirus, as well as a DNS level firewall, and several types of cashes. A combo that brings advanced features, speed and security.

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Why you should Consider a WordPress Developer for your business

Vontainment works with many frameworks and platforms but WordPress is our favorite. We have become one of the top WordPress Developers in the area and wanted to share and help clarify and misinformation about WordPress. If you’re a business owner, chances are you’ve heard of other businesses and people using WordPress. WP is an open source content publishing system created in 2003 through a merge of platforms by developers and entrepreneurs Mike Little and Matt Mullenweg. Each update has introduced powerful features like mix-and-match plugins, widgets, static pages, built-in theme installation, and media management.

progressive web apps

The power of AMP and PWA

A progressive web application takes advantage of the latest technologies to combine the best of web and mobile apps. Think of it as a website built using web technologies but that acts and feels like an app.

So this is the web design process

The web design process

This article is to help explain the design process for a client looking to have a new website built. many don’t realize that the process is a joint effort between the business and designer.

testing your SEO strategies

Free Tools To Test Your SEO

  • SEO
  • 3 min read

SEOs love to blame their bad reputation on the spammers, but you probably know as well as we do that this blame is misplaced. Businesses, in general, really don’t care how they get results. They just care about results. And that’s where most SEOs are screwing up.

Image alt and title tags are important to SEO

The power of Image tags, file names, alt/title; on SEO

  • SEO
  • 4 min read

Did you realize the filenames of the images you upload can have the major impact on your SEO. Image optimization is often ignored with regards to SEO. Though Google has underlined the significance of it for clients and web crawlers.

Progressive web apps are the future of mobile web

Progressive Web Apps

Creating a better web experience for mobile users is important, which is why you should consider investing in progressive web apps (PWA), a term Google came up with in 2015.


DMARC and how it affects your email

  • SEO
  • 4 min read

DMARC, which stands for “Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance”, is an email authentication, policy, and reporting protocol. It builds on the widely deployed SPF and DKIM protocols, adding linkage to the author (“From:”) domain name, published policies for recipient handling of authentication failures, and reporting from receivers to senders, to improve and monitor protection of the domain from fraudulent email.

Psychology of design

Establishing trust between your business and your users

In order to be successful in the fast-paced world business, it is essential to have a high-quality website with a design that people can connect with and trust. Establishing trust between your business and your users can help to have your incoming traffic act and behave to your expectations. Trust doesn’t come easy, especially with digital scams, identify theft, and fraudulent schemes.