Website and social media integration

social media integration

When creating a complete online presence one of the most important aspects is social media integration with your website. Sharing posts, pictures, messaging, between platforms and using your website as a central station to your online world. With website social media integration you can take your Port Charlotte business to the next level.

Social media allows many ways to connect and share with potential clients and customers. Using Twitter to start global conversations. Instagram to share pictures and videos of your latest service, product or event. Facebook is the most multi-faceted with pictures, videos, statuses, messaging; It’s a great way to let people know everything going on and to stay in touch and supply customer service.

By integrating these platforms into your site people who search online and find your business are able to see your entire online presence in one place. Every video, picture, review, event, and exciting thing that makes you who you are. Other great features include integrating Facebook chat into your site. As well as directing customers to major review sites on Google and social media to gain more reviews. With great website social media integration, you can take your business to the next level online.

Social media integration for local businesses

One of the biggest issues I see with businesses here in Port Charlotte, Punta Gorda, North Port, and surrounding areas is a lack of easy reliable information. When I want to find a bar with karaoke It takes an hour calling and looking at Facebook pages, and websites wither don’t exist or are not consistently updated. When looking for contractors I don’t see any pics or videos showing their work and have a hard time finding any good reviews.

Local businesses here lack a great online presence. For such a little investment you can be ahead of your competition. With a great website and social media presence, you can create brand trust and stand out in the Port Charlotte, North Port, Punta Gorda area. With a website and social media integration, you can take that presence to the next level and guarantee to be on the top of the competition.

Social media integration

Modern touches

With advanced features like Progressive web apps and push notifications, we can take your website and social media to the next level. Show off online in style; using the latest in modern development.

We can soon build a website that will react and respond based on a user’s device, environment, or input, whether it’s for fun or to improve usability and accessibility.

Front end developer Mandy Michael has been experimenting with a range of new sensor APIs, which enable us to create new, useful, and exciting experiences on the web by taking advantage of features like device orientation and speech recognition. Her favorite is Ambient Light Sensor (currently supported in Google Chrome behind a flag), and she predicts that in 2020 we will see it used more. 

“Ambient light sensors can be found in all sorts of devices like mobile phones, laptops, and TVs,” Mandy explains. “It’s used to sense the amount of ambient light in the room. A common use case is dimming the screen brightness in low-light environments to reduce the strain on your eyes.”

To get started, Mandy advises to first create a new instance, which will give us access to the `AmbientLightSensor` object, before using the `onReading` event handler to take a reading from the sensors `illuminance` property.

And of course, we need to talk about TikTok.

The spiritual successor to Vine might be a head-scratcher for brands right now, but its popularity with younger consumers and influencers is telling. With well over 1.5 billion users, labeling the platform as a flash in the pan would be premature.

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