If you are responsible for mailing lists and the marketing for your business nowadays, it is usually quite demanding; the budget is always stretched. It is really important to get a decent return on the money you are investing in marketing.

there are so many different ways to carry out your marketing with a whole host of activities. All of these claiming to offer the best return for your budget now with such a wide choice is tough to know whether to look at traditional methods such as newspaper advert Flyers trade publications printed mail-outs trade shows or modern mediums such as social media and email marketing so what do you do all of them some of them or none of the above well it’s worth trying all of them are various times to see which works best for your business out of all of the different types of marketing that we’ve listed though there is one that stands out and that his email marketing so what is email marketing?

Email marketing is known for delivering a great return on investment now in this article we are going to look at.

Deploy Powerful Web Apps In The Cloud Or On Site

1- Dada Mail

Cloud Services mailing list

Dada Mail is self-hosted, it is installed with minimal dependencies on email marketing. It is licensed under the GPL license and works on all three major operating systems (Windows, macOS, and Linux). Dada Mail is written in Perl.

Among Dada mail features we can manage an email mailing list, which would save a lot of time and work, it supports archiving, viewing, searching, resending, Amazon SES, SMTP, and many other features. It comes with a web-based installer and supports click-through tracking, mass mail scheduling. It also supports multiple SQL backend flavors. Dada Mail bundles all of its CPAN Perl module dependencies.

Dada Mail provides a lot of documents about how to use the software on their official website.

You can download it from the official website, or access the source code on GitHub.

2- Piler (Linux)

“Piler” is an email archiver

“Piler” is an email archiver as Docker image and initialized in 2012 as proprietary software, this program became open source in 2017 and licensed under the MIT License.

You’ll find all the basic features in any email software available in Piler and support archiving and retention rules, digital fingerprinting and verification, deduplication, Office 365 and a nice GUI. It is written in PHP. However, what makes Piler special is supporting several authentication methods (AD/LDAP, SSO, Google OAuth, 2 FA, IMAP, POP3). finally, there’s a demo which allows you easily to try.
Unfortunately, one of the cons of Piler is that it does not provide binaries for Windows and macOS, but just for Linux distributions.

Head for the downloads section to download it or view the source code.

3- phpList

simple powerful email tools

Another powerful open-source self-hosted email marketing is phpList. This one is trusted by 75,000 organizations in 35 countries. essentially to just email marketing, so it’s specialized software. phpList offers a fully open-source version that you can use.

It’s very easy and quick to install, as it provides packages for all the modern operating systems. phpList offers a very clean user interface, along with many features such as creating, sending, integrating, and analyzing email campaigns and newsletters, and much more. It’s the best solution on this list.

phpList is written in PHP and is licensed under the AGPL-3.0 license. The software is well-supported and continuously updated, and there are a lot of plugins that are provided by the parent company itself as a free and open-source tool.

You can view phpList repositories on GitHub, or learn more about them from their official website.

5- MoonMail

moon mail can power great email campaigns

MoonMail is another software that comes to mind when talking about open-source email marketing solutions. MoonMail is licensed under the MIT License. The company is based in Hungary and provides a GraphQL API, Client API, JavaScript SDK open-source email marketing software that is written in Javascript.

It’s also Messaging Platform that collects (Email, SMS, Voice, WhatsApp, FB Messenger, Amazon (ADM), Apple (APNs), Baidu & Firebase (FCM)) all in one app. It provides to create and store recipients in lists, along with creating, edit and delete campaigns, schedule campaigns to be sent in the future feature, and has a public API to interact with the SAAS version.

MoonMail is capable of Updating the recipient status with any of the following: Unsubscribed, Bounced, Complaint-Spam, Suppression-list.

For download instructions and more information, visit MoonMail’s official homepage.

6- Listmonk

mailing lists to power your marketing

Listmonk was built in the first place to be a self-hosted newsletter and mailing list manager. The latest version is v1.0.0 released on 16 May 2021. Listmonk provides a very beautiful web-based user interface that you can run from inside your browser.

Listmonk is written in the Go programming language for the backend and the frontend is Vue with Buffy for UI, and It uses a PostgreSQL database as its data store. it licensed under the AGPL v3 license. Its main features are:

  1. Mailing lists
  2. Messengers
  3. Templating
  4. Performance
  5. Privacy
  6. Media manager

Listmonk is a very good option if you want to monitor the mailing list. The latest image is available on Docker Hub.

You can download it from its official GitHub repository, or learn more about it from its website.

These Are Just A Few Options

Vontainment has the skills and experience to match you to the best platforms for your needs. build a better mailing list for your email marketing and help your business succeed.

Securing systems, proper set-up, DNS records, sending queries, Froggm, and a host of other important components of successful email marketing.

What to consider when choosing email marketing software

As we know, email marketing isn’t about sending random promo emails to people, hoping that they’ll become profitable conversions overnight. It’s about communicating with people in a humanized fashion, using targeted content to deliver your message.

That said, using an Excel spreadsheet coupled with Outlook to manage your lists and send emails no longer cuts it. In the modern age, you need something far more efficient for managing a mailing list.

Contact Vontainment to talk more about your options or to schedule a meeting.