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Test Your SEO And Improve SERP

SEOs love to blame their bad reputation on the spammers, but you probably know as well as we do that this blame is misplaced. Businesses, in general, really don’t care how they get results. They just care about results. And that’s where most SEOs are screwing up.

BERT & User-Focused Optimization

In 2019, the launch of Google’s new BERT algorithm got a lot of attention. Naturally, every SEO professional wants to learn how to optimize SEO for BERT.

In short, that means reassessing user access points to search and aligning content with that. With the incorporation of BERT this year into the ranking and featured snippets algorithm, Google has taken a huge leap forward into making search really about intent matching rather pure string matching.

In 2020, the really smart SEOs will get up from their desks to talk to customers so they can find out what their audience really wants from them.

Free tools to test your SEO:

  1. SEO tool to test if your site is ready for Google’s mobile-first index.
  2. See what google results show up on any 2 chosen mobile devices when searched at any chosen address. A great tool to see what other people see when they search.
  3. Check your status in all major local directories. A great tool to find missing back-link opportunities.
  4. Google Sheet templates to take SEO to the next level.
  5. Create fantastic Google reports from data sources.
  6. Free tools for Google Docs.
  7. Information on your backlinks.
  8. Check out Google’s local results like you are there. Just pick a location and search term and see your true SEO.
  9. .htaccess generator. It can be a great help to fix SEO issues after testing your SEO.
  10. Free web crawler, see exactly what Google, Bing, and others see.
  11. Another web crawler. I found 2 typos causing 404’s with this. It is freemium but with 10k link crawl limit for free… Most sites are covered.
  12. Google back-link disavowed. If you have spam linking to you, let them know its unwanted.

Use the tools above to test your SEO strategies and see if they are working for you. Don’t forget to track the results in Google Search Console.


Can I really trust free SEO tools?

Yes! Just like anything free, some are bad but some are the best money can’t buy.

What are some SEO trends to look out for?

Site speed will always be near the top of the list. Progressive Web Apps and AMP are two new ways to accelerate your site. Remember that search engines are looking at sites mobile first. Test your SEO on mobile.

How can I tell if my SEO is working?

Link your site into Google Search Console and track traffic, keywords and clicks from search. Use this to compare to previous timeframes.