(CRM) Customer Relationship Management

Customer Relationship Management

Sell, market & service smarter with SuiteCRM the world’s number 1 Open Source CRM. Our favorite feature-rich enterprise-ready alternative to Salesforce provides all the benefits of CRM at substantially lower costs with the freedoms and flexibility of Open Source. Take back control & scale CRM throughout your business at massively reduced cost without fear of hidden charges.

Your business and customer base are expanding, and you’ve started to research how to improve your customer relationships and manage your sales. It’s likely you’ve noticed the acronym CRM mentioned frequently. Simply put, CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, refers to business software that tracks your interactions with your sales prospects and customers.

The right CRM system can power up your business like nothing else. Implemented properly, a CRM will store and manage your customer and prospect data, tracking your interactions and helping you win more customers by boosting your sales team’s ability to close deals, improve your support team’s customer service, and automate your marketing.

If your prospects and customers are talking to multiple people within your organization, it can be easy to lose track of what’s been communicated over the period of the sales cycle. It can also happen that someone has taken a message and not passed it onto the person dealing with that account.

We get 50+ inquiries a day, far too many to remember each one. The sales cycle can take anywhere from a week to six months, with lots of interactions between the prospect and multiple points of contact within the company, including sales, marketing, and support staff. We run segmented marketing campaigns for our customers and prospects. There is no way we could function without a CRM system.

How Can A CRM, Customer Relationship Management System Help?

  • Know your customer by creating a central repository for all your customer data enabling you to gain key insights that can be used to enhance and nurture your business relationships.
  • Dramatically reduce your total cost of ownership with Open Source CRM providing the freedom and flexibility to customize your CRM to your own bespoke needs.
  • Increase productivity across your organization using our open REST API allowing you to integrate CRM with core business systems, enabling you to share and collaborate across any boundaries.
  •  The Open Source model has a vibrant community providing constant improvements, documentation, and testing managed by SalesAgility.

Create a single tailored repository for all your customer data and use those key insights to improve efficiency, understand your customer’s needs and automate key actions. Powerful reporting and dashboards give you quick visibility of key metrics to support your business. Capitalize on your rich customer profiles to convert more leads and sell smarter. SuiteCRM provides you with all the tools to capture important leads, manage your opportunities and create personalized quotations freeing up precious time to sell.

Engage your customers more effectively with personalized experiences and consistent messaging. Automate customer segmentation, send targeted marketing content, and track important activity to generate more leads and feed the funnel. Enable excellent customer service by mitigating information silos whilst empowering your customer service team with the tools that will allow them to service smarter, faster, and more professionally.

Version 8 Will Be Out Soon

  • Leads, Opportunities, and Accounts ListView charts enhanced to be based on selected ListView data.
  • Field Validation: Including both record level (required fields) and field level (based on the type of field) validation for both the RecordView and also the Filter on ListView.
  • Additional boolean and enum fields implemented
  • Invoices, Quotes, Contracts, and Campaigns gave specific Subpanel Insight statistics.
  • Generic Insight statistic implemented.
  • Popups have been designed and implemented in Angular front-end
  • Relate fields designed and implemented including an additional popup with search filters, data table, and selecting a record functionality
  • Filter information stored in session variables so any active filter is still applied on refresh while the session is still active
  • Extension Framework – backend implemented to allow extension of core, data provider, and configuration.
  • Extension Framework – frontend base implementation using Dynamic Module Federation to allow extension of services, components, and routing.
  • Subpanel insights redesigned including the container.
  • Subpanel insights enhanced to include tooltips.
  • Subpanel insights enhanced to allow comparisons with total values (used in Invoices and Cases).
  • Performance enhancement to run Insights statistics on batch calls.
  • Legacy EditView design updated to be consistent with Suite8 RecordView.
  • Group fields implemented such as Address and Full Name fields.
  • Frontend upgraded to run on Angular 11.
  • General design enhancements to the Login, Navbars, and Views.
  • Homepage designed to match Suite8 theme.
  • Read Only fields implemented.
  • Threads Insight added to Cases – currently displaying demo information
  • Photo Insight added to Leads and Contacts – currently displaying demo information
  • Base Installation script added to allow for easy install
  • Checkboxes redesigned.
  • Date fields implemented including time picker (ng-bootstrap)
  • Text Area fields added to Edit mode of the RecordView
  • Legacy enhanced to be translated to the selected language
  • Convert a Lead functionality added to the Leads module
  • CreateView implemented based on RecordView

Other Open Source Customer Relationship Management

Whatever your needs are (Customer Relationship Management, Sales, Human Resources, Logistics, Stock, Invoicing, Accounting, Manufacturing, Marketing, Foundation Management, Surveys), we can setup the right application to match your needs.

Dolibarr ERP & CRM 

It’s an OpenSource project built by the addition of modules (you only enable the features you need), on a WAMP, MAMP, or LAMP server (Apache, Mysql, PHP for all Operating Systems). Dolibarr was developed to try to offer an ERP and CRM suite with the main goal of simplicity. Dolibarr is designed for users looking for a software package to manage the activities of their company or foundation, easily and everywhere. The modularity of Dolibarr allows users to have software that perfectly fits their needs, whatever their business type. Dolibarr is used by the following type of users.