Why you should use a custom email address

Custom email address

If you own a domain, why not use it for custom email

Yes, it is long past the point of being a suggestion to ditch the free email addresses and create a custom email address. Now, the gamble you take by refusing to get a domain email address is the same as making your call card addressable to ‘I’[email protected]’.

To completely understand why it is so important, you must realize that getting your business a domain website and a custom email address is like the suit you’ll wear to see the board of directors or that prospective sponsor, it shows the length you’re willing to go to bring the name and brand of your business into the light. Here are a few arguments that further confirm this decision as to the right move.

You’re losing if you don’t use a custom emailed address

Most businesses by now, have a domain dedicated to the company’s objectives. It has become the symbol of professionalism of the 21 st century. Unfortunately, out of the willingness to minimize expenses, people don’t know that, once you’ve paid for the domain and website, you’ve already paid to have email addresses at your domain.

Hence, you are only wasting a perfectly good gift if you decline this opportunity.

Control your email

By gaining ownership of your portion of cyberspace, you can say goodbye to the possibility of being canceled by the free email hosts. Instead, you have the security that comes with knowing that your contacts, promotional materials, and other content will always be safe. An invisible risk that most business owners fail to see.

Also, you can scale and rescale the domain email to your needs. You can easily get more workers registered, with more professional and organized templates as the base. Everything depending on your needs.

Standard with Vontainment sites

If you have us create your site and have gone with a host recommend by us like HawkHost, then email hosting came free. We can set up unlimited accounts, forwarders, filters, and advanced spam filters. As well as a domain shared address book and calendar and private address book and calendar per email.

For websites or businesses with only one person, we can set up email to be easier to manage. Creating a personal [email protected] custom email for my ore personal communication and replies. And a [email protected] that filters email to folders. Such as e-commerce sales, contact form, the website generated emails. This can help make any spam that gets through filters more manageable.

Professional and brand awareness

The custom email address becomes the perfect call card when compared to the free email addresses. It is first a simple address, no ambiguity or clusters to show that you’re not a child with a dream, but someone ready to do business. you don’t need to add any additional numbers or symbols before the email addresses are created since you are the first lord of that domain.

Also, custom email addresses are made to display the authenticity of your company’s objectives. You make it clear that you are standing tall in your field or area of specialization, regardless of the competition. It goes without saying that a custom email address will be picked when pitted against companies with a free Gmail address if that alone was a yardstick for selection.

The truth is that your competition has long since made the choice and sometimes, your clients have also taken the plunge. How do you expect such a client to feel about a business that is not willing to go that extra mile? If first impressions are important for social relationships, think about how much more professional first impressions can favor your business.

What this will culminate into, is the trust of your clients and associates. Something @Gmail.com doesn’t bring to the table. Contact Vontainment today and let us help you get email @Yourdomain.com setup today!