Sell, market & service smarter with a CRM. Get your business the benefits of CRM at substantially lower costs with Open Source solutions. Take back control & scale CRM throughout your business at massively reduced cost without fear of hidden charges. Your business and customer base are expanding, and you’ve started to research how to improve your customer relationships and manage your sales. It’s likely you’ve noticed the acronym CRM mentioned frequently. Simply put, CRM, or Customer Relationship Management, refers to business software that tracks your interactions with your sales prospects and customers.

The right CRM system can power up your business like nothing else. Implemented properly, a CRM will store and manage your customer and prospect data, tracking your interactions and helping you win more customers by boosting your sales team’s ability to close deals, improve your support team’s customer service, and automate your marketing.

If your prospects and customers are talking to multiple people within your organization, it can be easy to lose track of what’s been communicated over the period of the sales cycle. It can also happen that someone has taken a message and not passed it onto the person dealing with that account.

power Your Business With SuiteCRM

“SuiteCRM won the BOSSIE Award 2015 and BOSSIE Award 2016 for the world’s best Open Source CRM. Infoworld, the curators of the BOSSIE awards stated that “In little more than a year, SuiteCRM has inspired the community and emerged as a new leader in open source CRM.” The award had been won by SugarCRM for the previous 8 years.

SuiteCRM has been downloaded more than 800,000 times since the original release. A community of nearly 90,000 developers and collaborators has joined the project. It has been adopted by NHS (National Health Service) England’s Code4Health program which seeks to foster open source in the NHS in England.

“in any industry. With SuiteCRM, users can create business process models and design flexible, automated actions that can be triggered to run at any time. Users can also model sales pipelines and create templated customer quotes, control pricing strategies, maintain contract renewals and track lead progress. Users can also support customers through business-unique self-service portals. Service teams are instantly notified of customer requests and customers are instantly notified when the issues have been addressed and resolved. SuiteCRM is free to download and use, with customization coming at a fee to the business. A community forum is available for free support, while dedicated support services are available to small and midsize clients and unique solutions with dedicated account managers are available to large enterprise clients.

SuiteCRM comprises the last release of the SugarCRM Community Edition, plus the following additional modules:

  • Products
  • Quotes
  • Contracts
  • Invoices
  • PDF Templates
  • Workflow
  • Reporting
  • Search
  • Events
  • Google Maps
  • Teams Security
  • Portal
  • Responsive Theme
  • Outlook plugin
  • Surveys

Version 8 Will Be Out Soon

  • Leads, Opportunities, and Accounts ListView charts enhanced to be based on selected ListView data.
  • Field Validation: Including both record level (required fields) and field level (based on the type of field) validation for both the RecordView and also the Filter on ListView.
  • Additional boolean and enum fields implemented
  • Invoices, Quotes, Contracts, and Campaigns gave specific Subpanel Insight statistics.
  • Generic Insight statistic implemented.
  • Popups have been designed and implemented in Angular front-end
  • Relate fields designed and implemented including an additional popup with search filters, data table, and selecting a record functionality
  • Filter information stored in session variables so any active filter is still applied on refresh while the session is still active
  • Extension Framework – backend implemented to allow extension of core, data provider, and configuration.
  • Extension Framework – frontend base implementation using Dynamic Module Federation to allow extension of services, components, and routing.
  • Subpanel insights redesigned including the container.
  • Subpanel insights enhanced to include tooltips.
  • Subpanel insights enhanced to allow comparisons with total values (used in Invoices and Cases).
  • Performance enhancement to run Insights statistics on batch calls.
  • Legacy EditView design updated to be consistent with Suite8 RecordView.
  • Group fields implemented such as Address and Full Name fields.
  • Frontend upgraded to run on Angular 11.
  • General design enhancements to the Login, Navbars, and Views.
  • Homepage designed to match Suite8 theme.
  • Read Only fields implemented.
  • Threads Insight added to Cases – currently displaying demo information
  • Photo Insight added to Leads and Contacts – currently displaying demo information
  • Base Installation script added to allow for easy install
  • Checkboxes redesigned.
  • Date fields implemented including time picker (ng-bootstrap)
  • Text Area fields added to Edit mode of the RecordView
  • Legacy enhanced to be translated to the selected language
  • Convert a Lead functionality added to the Leads module
  • CreateView implemented based on RecordView

Our Favorite CRM; Perfex CRM

Managing customers is important and Perfex CRM helps. Perfex is our personal favorite CRM. We use it ourselves. What we like most about Perfex CRM is the ability for e-signatures on contracts and online invoice payments. We also love the client portal and the ability to brand it.

Perfex CRM is self hosted Customer Relationship Management software that is a great fit for almost any company, freelancer or many other uses. With its clean and modern design, Perfex CRM can help you look more professional to your customers and help improve business performance at the same time.

CRMs need to focus on customers and Perfex CRM does that with a powerful support system that helps you track and resolve issues quickly via the integrated ticket system and customer reminders. Assign reminders to yourself, one or many staff members and with one click, reminders can be sent to email and in-app notification system. These features and more can take customer satisfaction to the next level.

Perfex CRM has many features designed to fit many applications. Read more about the features below and try the demo to see how Perfex CRM can help you succeed.

Project Management Tool

Manage and invoice projects with the powerful project management feature. Track expenses and time spent on tasks and bill your customers. Ability to assign multiple staff members on task and track time logged by assigned project member.

One Click Invoice Creation

Build professional and great looking invoices. Attach files and send directly to your clients including the invoice PDF. Invoice with different tax based on item. Create recurring invoices who will be regenerated automatically based on your setup for recurring invoice (every X months). You can set recurring starting from 1 month to 12 months.

Create Estimates

Create estimate within a minute. Sent to your customers and wait to accept. Ability to auto convert the estimate to invoice after customer accept. You customers can view and make actions the estimate even without login.

Awesome Support System

Great support ticket system with autoresponse. Private ticket staff notes, ticket assignments, attachments, predefined ticket replies, insert knowledge base link, ticket priorities, ticket statuses.

Knowledge Base for Customers and Staff Members

Add knowledge base articles from text editor. “Did you find this article useful?” vote included in clients area.

Built in Staff Tasks

Assign task to multiple employees, add task followers, task comments allowed, task attachments.

Simple Reports for Quick Overview

Reports Reports Sales Item Reports Total report income Reports by customer Custom date picker Leads Conversions Knowledge base articles (Track if your article is usefull to clients, improve text based on votes)

Create Additional Custom Fields

Available Custom fields for most of the important features. You can add custom fields to PDF invoices, estimates etc…

Create Good Looking Proposals

Create good looking proposals and impress your potential clients or customers. Include images, tables, youtube vides with the powerful editor. Proposals comments allowed for further discussion with the customer.

Leads Management

With the simple Kan Ban you can keep track of leads and easily follow their progress.Attach files, convert lead to customer, auto import leads from email, create proposals, leave notes.

Record Expenses

Record company expenses. Set up a recurring expense and the expense will automatically be created afterthe specified period. The period time could be days, weeks, months or years. Ability to set expenses billable to customers or projects.

Record Payments

Record and receive payments in different currencies. Customers can pay you via Paypal and Stripe. Auto generated PDF after each recorded payment.

Manage Contracts

Use contracts feature to lock in current and feature sales. Create PDF documents in a minute and and to your customers via buil-in sending contracts feature. Ability to send customer reminders before contracts expiry.

Send Surveys to Leads and Customers

Create surveys and impress your customers. Add your question and improve your company productivity. Ability to send surveys to leads/customers/staff members and manualy created mail lists.

Detailed Calendar

Have clear view of all your company events, invoice expiry dates, contracts expiration, estimate expiration, tasks finish date

Goals Tracking

Setup goals and tracking achievements. Notify staff members about failure or achievement. Tracking everything.