Vontainment.com is excited to announce our partnership with Astro-Durance to bring an amazing web presence to new bungee pioneers. We have worked out an amazing package included in your new adventure as well as great addons!

Your New Astro-Durance Server

To start your on-boarding process We will set up a VPS on Digital Oceans. Virtual Private Servers are faster and produce better user experience then standard shared hosting. Your server will be optimised for security and running wordpress at blazing speeds! Only 300ms or less page loads on average. Astro durance will supply you with your domain and hosting; We will set it up to succeed.

Our Custom Astro-Durance Stack

  • Apache2 with PHP-FPM and NGINX reverse proxy
  • PHP version 7.4
  • Cloudflare DNS, firewall and optimizations
  • POP/IMAP/SMTP mail services (Exim4 and Dovecot) with Anti-Spam, and Webmail (SpamAssassin and Roundcube.) (Optional Rainloop webmail coming soon.)
  • MariaDB database
  • Let’s Encrypt SSL support with wildcard certificates
  • Firewall with brute-force attack detection and IP lists (iptables, fail2ban, and ipset).

WordPress CMS Powered

We will set up a work press on your VPS with our security and speed optimizations. As well as our custom Astro Durance site template. With WordPress you can update content or post a blog as easy as updating FaceBook is. 

Designed To Grow

Our stack for Astro Durance can be expanded to meet any traffic demand. Starting out your site can easily handle 100k daily visitors by design and usually much more. As you and your site grow, we can scale our stack to meet your needs. Please contact Astro  Durance for more details on price and terms.

Your Part of The Process

The initial server setup can take a few days and we ask during that time to please collect thoughts, paragraphs, graphics, quotes and other info you want on your site. Included with your onboarding your site will have 4 pages not counting included privacy policy and TOS. Home, About Us, Custom Page and a blog.. Included is a 14 day server and site development period. If the site is unable to be completed in that time frame due to the actions, lack of actions or other Issues caused by new bungee pioneers, you will be pulled at a price of &100 for each additional week time rounded up to the nearest week.

Astro-Durance Addons With Additional Cost

If you desire additional pages above the standard 4, additions are priced at $25 each, please have content ready. Updates to pages in the future will also be billed at $25 a page.

If you will be using MS Office 365 or Google suites for email There will be an extra charge of $250 for any pioneers who cannot setup accounts and supply us with new DNS settings themselves. Are you looking to sell online? We offer shopify integration for an additional $250.  We also offer WooCommerce which is especially helpful if you want memberships or subscriptions on your site.

We also can offer other features like mailing lists, newsletters, online invoicing and quotes.

Keep Things Running Smoothly

We are happy to offer special support and maintenance packers for Astro Durance. At $500 a year it includes regular maintenance, security checks, updates to both server and site. As well as repair of server and site in the event of an error affecting availability and phone or video support sessions up to an hour.  This offer includes assistance to you up to 3 times monthly with additional assistance billed at $50 to $100 mattering on issue.

Southwest Florida Web Design, Social Media & Marketing

Any questions or to get started you can contact us at [email protected] or (941)313-2107