Vontainment works with many frameworks and platforms but WordPress is our favorite. We have become one of the top WordPress Developers in the area and wanted to share and help clarify and misinformation about WordPress. If you’re a business owner, chances are you’ve heard of other businesses and people using WordPress. WP is an open source content publishing system created in 2003 through a merge of platforms by developers and entrepreneurs Mike Little and Matt Mullenweg. Each update has introduced powerful features like mix-and-match plugins, widgets, static pages, built-in theme installation, and media management.

Why is it so popular? Isn’t it just another bland publishing system that only shows what you type? Well, we would argue that it is anything but bland. WP is such a versatile, super-friendly content management system, that not only is it used by Fortune 500 companies like eBay, GM, and Reuters News, it is also used by over 76.5 million other sites of all sizes and niches.

Why, then, is WordPress so widely used? Here are five excellent reasons:

  1. PLUGIN STABILITY AND AUTONOMY: Most WordPress plugins do not need other plugins which require updates at differing times. This spares the user from extra monitoring and maintenance. If your online business presence has little room for downtime or costly maintenance, this is an ideal platform. The average multi-plugin update takes about 15 minutes if you back up your database manually, a few minutes with a backup plugin, and a few seconds for run-of-the-mill maintenance.
  2. PLUGIN POWER AND VERSATILITY: Do you need to sell your timeshare? Perhaps you have to list and filter your content, so jobs automatically show on one page and blog posts on another. Are you building an effective and unobtrusive SEO interface for your bloggers? Are you tasked with planning and listing events, or perhaps selling classified ad space? With open source extensions such as My CalendarList By PostAll In One SEO PackShareThis, and Advanced Custom Fields WordPress developers can save time and precises and pass thee saving to you!
  3. EASE OF USE: If you’ve ever plodded through hand-coding a website or worked with an unnecessarily complex CMS, you’ll be pleased with WordPress’s easy learning curve and organization. You can switch themes in under ten seconds, use quick-edit options to insert a tag you forgot without re-opening your article, make a post sticky, or link to existing content from a drop-down menu. When time is money, WordPress is your financial advisory. When you’re looking to outsource your web design needs to a tech company you can also rest easy that maintenance won’t soak up a large part of your budget.
  4. THEMES: From lightweight frameworks to elegant powerhouses, free and paid themes abound, created by casual coders and professional designers alike. Whether you need a theme geared toward load time, appearance, or features, then WordPress has it.
  5. Easier Development: With WordPress the Vontainment team is able to take advantage of WordPress’ advanced framework and community recourse to quickly develop fast, SEO optimized, interactive websites; with machine learning, AI, automation and many advanced features. Sites like these can cost millions and take a year to develop, but thanks to WordPress, Vontainment can produce them at a small business budget closer to just 1 grand or and under.

WordPress developers win with opensource

One of the most common misconception about WordPress is that it is just a blogging platform. It is not. While WordPress started as a blogging tool, it has evolved throughout the years into a powerful website builder and a robust content management system (CMS). The best part about WordPress is that it’s easy to use and flexible enough to make different types of websites. That’s the main reason why WordPress has grown so much in popularity.

Today, WordPress powers more than 35% of the Internet and even more impressive, when a CMS is used for a website, WordPress is used in the majority (60%) of situations. One reason for this high rate of adoption is that WordPress is open source, meaning its source code is released under a GPL license, which grants users the right to study, change, and distribute it as they see fit. No wonder everyone wants to be a WordPress developer!

Take advantage of the WordPress ecosystem

Once WordPress is up and running, you can also begin leveraging its robust community of open source developers, who provide regular updates, security patches, and other helpful forms of collaboration to the growing ranks of WordPress users. That community is also renowned for its regular contributions to the growing list of plugins and themes that offer users endless ways to customize and add new features to their websites. This ability to continuously add functionality represents the polar opposite of the paid software pricing model, which can seriously diminish an agency’s bottom line. From the moment you install WordPress, you have full control over it, and the wide ecosystem of compatible themes, plugins, analytics plugins and many others at your fingerprints offer an almost limitless range of additional options.  

 So why pick Vontainment as your wordPress developer?

We have 20 years of web design and development experience. Our goal is to develop website that are beautiful and functional but don’t cost a fortune. This isn’t New York City and our clients can’t spend $100k on a website. We are a local business serving the local businesses. If your in the Port Charlotte or Punta Gorda area, give us a call and set up a free meeting to discuss your options with WordPress development. If you’re looking for a WordPress Developer, Vontainment is who you want! Our sites are SEO and speed optimized and load faster then most static HTML sites. We specialize in Developing Fast SEO friendly WordPress Progressive Web Apps.